Robert Pirazzi

Robert Pirazzi.

Asset Manager

Inner West
Level 1, 2 – 4 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042

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Through his role as Commercial Property Manager, Robert Pirazzi believes open and honest communication is the key to building meaningful relationships in his industry. This makes him an exemplary member of the Belle Property Commercial Inner West team, valued for their dedication and superior service.

Robert's point of difference is his keen eye for detail, which allows him to create more efficient workflows, making everyday repetitive tasks streamlined. His mindful nature also means he genuinely listens to the concerns of others, solving any problems that may arise from a sympathetic and supportive point of view.

He describes his wider team as a tight-knit and hard-working group of people who tackle customer service with a tailored and transparent approach, enabling the most satisfying results for clients, whether they be colleagues, landlords, or tenants.

Always thinking one step ahead, Robert enjoys watching retail, and food-related businesses interact with their clientele. He notes that by better understanding their core demographic, he is able to remain well-informed and thus offer helpful advice to future tenants.