Daniel Roccisano

Daniel Roccisano.

Executive Retail Leasing and City Sales, Belle Property Commercial South Melbourne

South Melbourne
First Floor, 170 Dorcas Street South Melbourne, VIC 3205

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Born into a property industry family, Daniel Roccisano's knowledge of real estate is both intuitive and strategic. With two decades of experience as a developer and investor, along with a specialised degree in Information Systems, he is a fully licensed Real Estate Agent who balances his passion for property with a systemised approach that adds value to his decision-making, and to his client’s holdings.

Well-travelled, multi-lingual and personally experienced in every aspect of the property investors' experience, Daniel's ability to connect with people at all levels and of all cultures is informed by several years spent in Japan teaching English - to everyone from children, business people, to sports stars.

It’s this ability to put himself into others' shoes and translate complex property challenges into understandable concepts that is, perhaps, Daniel's greatest talent. He is uniquely positioned to help his clients make the informed decisions that will help them develop their own intuitive response to their property investments.

He is passionate about commercial real estate in Victoria and is firmly committed to executing his role to a level that promotes the Belle Property brand point of difference.