Sondra O'Gorman

Sondra O'Gorman.

Accounts Manager - Belle Property Commercial Melbourne East

Melbourne East
10/830 Wellington Road Rowville VIC 3178

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With over 25 years of experience in real estate, Sondra has cultivated a deep appreciation for the challenges and rewards inherent in this dynamic industry. Her journey began as a receptionist, steadily advancing to manage all financial aspects with precision and professionalism. Sondra recognises the critical importance of maintaining meticulously managed accounts and continually seeks opportunities for process enhancement.

Sondra is renowned for delivering an impeccable standard of client service, underpinned by her strong grasp of property industry intricacies and a keen interest in financial market analysis and trend forecasting. Sondra's commitment to ongoing learning ensures the adoption of best practice techniques in all her endeavours.

Taking a contemporary approach to her tasks, Sondra values flexibility in today's fast-paced environment. She embraces new challenges, constantly striving to differentiate herself and Belle Property Commercial in the marketplace.
Sondra's dedication extends to safeguarding the financial integrity of both Belle Property Commercial and her client’s interests. She champions the implementation of best practice processes and cutting-edge technologies, maintaining optimal control and service standards.

Recognised for her outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, Sondra has earned widespread respect from clients and colleagues alike. Her proactive Can Do attitude, coupled with her adept management of client objectives, underscores her invaluable contribution as a team player in the industry.