Tenaya Berry

Tenaya Berry.

Assistant Asset Manager - Belle Property Commercial Melbourne East

Melbourne East
10/830 Wellington Road Rowville VIC 3178

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Tenaya Berry has joined Belle Property Commercial Melbourne East as an Assistant Asset Manager. Bringing a wealth of experience from her nine-year tenure at McDonald's, Tenaya advanced from entry-level roles to the position of Restaurant Manager. This journey honed her skills in leadership, operations management and customer service, all of which are crucial in her new role.

Known for her friendly and approachable demeanour, Tenaya excels in building lasting relationships with clients. Her ability to connect with people and understand their needs ensures she provides exceptional service and support. Tenaya's versatility and adaptability allow her to handle various challenges, making her a valuable asset to the team.

Driven by a passion for excellence, Tenaya is committed to contributing to the success of Belle Property Commercial Melbourne East. Her strong work ethic and dedication to continuous improvement make her a perfect fit for the dynamic environment of commercial real estate. Tenaya's addition to the team marks an exciting chapter for both her career and the clients she serves.